Arduino MKR ENV Shield rev2


The MKR ENV Shield allows a MKR board to acquire environmental data collected by an array of sensors.

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    These sensors are of the latest generation and measure:

    1. Atmospheric pressure
    2. Temperature and humidity
    3. Light intensity (in LUX, max 650)

    To help you build projects and store the data collected locally, this shield has a slot for a microSD card (not provided).

    There is a ready to use library with examples and methods to read values from the different sensors, that provides an easy and smooth integration path.

    Sensors used :

    1. ST LPS22HB :  atmospheric pressure
    2. ST HTS221  : temperature and humidity
    3. VISHAY TEMT6000 : Lux of the ambient.

    Tech specs

    ICs LPS22HB
    Input Voltage 3.3V
    Operating Voltage 3.3V
    Ranges Pressure: 260 to 1260 hPa
    rH sensitivity: 0.004% rH/LSB
    Humidity accuracy: ± 3.5% rH, 20 to +80% rH
    UVA, UVB and UVBI measurment0
    0 to 650 Lux
    Communication I2C/Analog
    Length 61 mm
    Width 25 mm
    Weight 32 gr.