Arduino MKR Motor Carrier


Want to connect several motors and sensors to your mechatronic project? The Arduino MKR Motor Carrier is the perfect companion for Arduino MKR boards as it will allow you to rapidly prototyping and build your projects.

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    The MKR Motor Carrier is an MKR add-on board designed to control servo, DC, and stepper motors. The Carrier can also be used to connect other actuators and sensors via a series of 3-pin male headers.

    The summary of features is shown below:

    • Compatible with all the boards in the MKR family
    • Four servo motor outputs
    • Four DC motor outputs (two high performance + two standard performance)
    • Sensing of current feedback for the high-performance motors
    • Two inputs for encoder sensors
    • Four inputs for analog sensors (3-pin compatible)
    • Possibility to read the status of the batteries
    • ON-OFF switch with Power ON LED
    • LiPo battery connector (2S or 3S compatible) and power terminal block for alternative power source
    • LEDs to visually indicate the direction of the rotation of the DC motors
    • On-board processor for automated control of some of the outputs
    • I2C connector as a 4-pin male header