Microcontroller Board ATmega328 with USB cable


Microcontroller Board ATmega328 with USB cable

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    Product Description

    The AZDelivery microcontroller board with USB cable is the compatible version of probably the most popular microcontroller. With a widely used and well-documented open source, this controller is a smart solution not only for beginners. Equipped with an ATMega328P and a CH340, even demanding applications run without problems.


    • All components (processor, memory, digital / analog input and output devices, etc.) are on one chip.
    • It is not necessary to know the internal workings of the onboard microcontroller to program it.
    • Countless easy to understand code examples have already been written.

    Technical specifications

    Microcontroller ATMEGA328P
    Power supply voltage 5V
    Input voltage 7-12V
    Digital I/O pins 14
    PWM Digital I/O Pins 6
    Analog input pins 6
    Flash memory 32kb
    Sram 2kb (atmega328p)
    Eeprom 1KB (ATMEGA328P)
    Clock frequency 16MHz
    Dimensions 70x55x13mm